Taste Success through Designing a Creative Website

The online world is all about getting attention. Out of numerous websites available online, you have to make your website attractive enough to grab the attention of users otherwise it would just be lying unnoticed in some unknown corner of the web world.

Even if your website is professionally built and the portfolio is loaded with amazing work, you would still need that spice to make the overall appearance of your website different from others. Developing a good website and then gradually increasing the traffic from not a single one to hundreds and then thousands of users is not a cake walk.

You have to market the content well and here comes the role of designing and enhancing the creativity of your website. How the content of your website is located; colors, fonts and images you have chosen can prove the decisive factor between success and failure of your website. Your success lies in making the visitor stay on your website for a longer time rather than just disappear in seconds.

  • Appealing logo- Your logo is an important ingredient of your brand, hence design, develop and polish a logo suitable for your website and locate it appropriately. Logo design is performed considering target audience and business type. Generally, logo is linked to the home page of the website.
  • Keep paragraphs short and to the point- The paragraphs on your websites should not be lengthy and word selection should be chosen to express the essence in minimum possible words.
  • Avoid trying too much- Sometimes, trying too much to make your website very attractive, you can overload it with images, graphics and animated gifs. It can prove a serious turn off for visitors as they would find it hard to focus on one item at a time and ultimately they would not be able to absorb the content properly.
  • Use color intelligently- You should select colors as per your website theme. Also, using color contrast and resolution for the various sections of your website is a critical thing. Generally, logo would be a high resolution multi colored image. Use a color palette that works in cohesion with your logo and your business.
  • Think of professional photographs than generic- Developing a good impression of your website among the visitors would need you to invest in professional photographs as today’s visitors are smart enough to spot a generic photograph which has been used from the internet only. Also, you can consult a psychologist specialized in consumer behavior to make a perfect pick of photographs for your business type.
  • Easily readable font selection- It is not necessary that a visitor will browse your website on a 14” monitor of a computer or laptop only. They may use it on a significantly smaller mobile phone screen as well. Hence, font should be readable across the devices in use today. Also, try not to use more than two font sizes on a single web page.
  • Non contrast backgrounds- Make sure you pick the background as per the font color so that visitors can enjoy good visibility of the text. Color of various links is also to be considered. Those links should be properly visible before and after clicking.
  • Setting up the external links- It is always good to set up links to other websites in a new window rather than directly going to other websites from your webpage. External links will make sure that the visitors will return to your website once they are finished with that other website.
  • Include features like search- If your website have multiple pages, then it is advised to incorporate “search” feature so that visitors can easily find out what exactly they are looking for.
  • Avoid compromising with content quality- Always remember that ultimately good content is the factor that will make the visitor visit your website again. With all tools of designing, you can make a good first impression on the visitor, but without good content, all your efforts would go in vain. Good content would help you make a long lasting impression on the visitor.
  • Make your website more interactive- Visitors find interactive websites more attractive. You can add face book “like” option or you can allow them to share your website on social networking sites like facebook, Pinterest, and so on. Make it utterly simple for the users to contact you. Use “contact us” option on the header or footer of your website and give your email address, contact number and postal address. Also, going further, you can support a live chat program to impress the visitors and sort out their queries readily.

Finally, it is clear that a perfect balance of good quality content and equal focus on overall designing of your website will give you a perfect chance of digging out the best possible results for your business.

Posted by admin | June 22, 2015.