Predicting Web Design Trends of the Future

There are a lot of things that are presently cool in web design. But this article is not about those things. We all know that the web is growing and so will web design. So, here is a look at some of the most practical future predictions about web design trends.

More gestures rather than clicks

You must admit that it was indeed hard to scroll web pages, as we moved the mouse to the right of the screen and struggled with the scrollbar. 2015 has experienced that it is more comfortable to scroll rather than clicking. You can just use your thumb wildly and scroll over the mobile. Paradoxically, clicking on a specific target, which was perhaps the easiest thing to do on desktop, is now difficult. As a result, it is expected that most websites would concentrate more on scrolling and less on clicking.

The main reason for expecting this trend is the tremendous growth in the mobile market. Newly built sites have lesser objects for clicking and more for scrolling.

Simple websites for quicker users

Nowadays, even young children are expert web users. Even those who are amateurs in this field make use of manifold tabs, and often swipe for going back to a page. So, everything has become faster, and needless to say, we have become more impatient. There’s this funny saying- “If you really want to test a person’s intelligence, just hand him over a slow internet!”

Now, the need of the hour is faster loading websites and also sites which are easy to navigate and understand. The future will see simpler designs, free of clutter, which can be effortlessly scanned and rapidly appreciated. Flat design with minimal interfaces is simply the beginning as the future predictions are inclined more towards simplicity and immediacy.

More focus on typography

With the emergence of Google Fonts, designers and developers can exercise more freedom, so far as the available typography is concerned. Selection of fonts and font sizes will be done more carefully, a trend that is already evident in the sites that are maintained sophisticatedly, but is yet to cover the majority of the web. This small yet intricate change can make a substantial impact on how a site in perceived.

Increased stress on originality

The current design trends often reveal a lack of originality, with a number of websites having the same pattern with simply minor differences in image and color. But there is still hope that the future will bring in more originality in the form of meticulously produced animations combined with custom drawn elements. Most probably, this will be driven by the dearth of JS, HTML5 and CSS3 animation libraries.

So, these were some of the most evident predictions for the upcoming web design trends. There is always the hope that web design will always move towards what the end users want. The future will indeed see a big improvement and a journey ahead towards interactivity and mobility. Make the most of these trends and avail the best web design in Sydney.

Posted by admin | September 10, 2015.