An Overview of the Topmost Web Designing Tools

“Man is a tool using animal. Without tools, he is nothing, with tools he is all.” –Thomas Carlyle

No idea takes the shape of reality without proper planning. And no plan can be executed without the help of appropriate tools. If you are into the field of web designing, you must be aware of some web design tools which accomplish the task of designing your web page in a hassle-free manner without the use of your coding skills.

A good web page is the one which stands erect when tested on some parameters. A web page must be efficient, with an easy-to-understand user interface, organized, legible, and clear with trouble-free navigation options. Moreover, it must be compatible with all the devices, be it your regular PCs or Smartphones or tablets. All of the web page’s features must run well across all the platforms and browsers. Below is the list of some top rated web design tools which are slowly becoming the numero-uno choice of developers across the world.

  • Pixel Dropr: This exciting plugin was introduced by UI Parade. This Photoshop plugin serves the purpose of forming compilation of icons, pictures, illustrations, buttons and several other elements which can be further dragged to any Photoshop file.
  • Google Content Experiments: The Google Content Experiment is not a simple A/B tester. It provides you the opportunity of allotting which pages of your website you want to test by placing them on GCA dashboard within Google Analytics. Additionally, you can test about 6 more versions of that same page with the tool to better decide which one to choose.
  • Mozilla’s Font Inspector: With typography hitting the charts of web designing aspects, here is your new tool launched by Mozilla Firefox. Recently, Firefox introduced a typography-based tool named Font Inspector. This tool would allow the programmers to see all the font-style applied across the whole of the web page at the same place, thereby making the editing work easy.
  • Scratchpad: This tool works on the principle of gathering your favorite designs from various websites and drops them onto your clipboard to use them later while designing your site.
  • CSS Compressor:  CSS forms an integral part of web designing elements. This special tool makes your CSS lightweight by compressing it. This results in easy loading of CSS while utilizing less bandwidth.
  • Heyoffline.js: This is a JavaScript plugin which indicates you about the poor network, thereby alerting you to save all your online data.
  • AddThis:  AddThis provides an easy way for executing social network sharing options. It provides you with many features of your favorite social networking sites. For instance, it presents the ‘like’ option of facebook and ‘share’ option of twitter.
  • Pingdom: This tool acts as a virtual browser. With the help of this tool you can estimate the total time required to load the whole page comprised of all the elements be it HTML, CSS, RSS feed, JavaScript, Flash etc.
  • Lubith: This is one of the trusted names among the beginners in web designing. This tool would provide you many of the custom themes and step by step direction to build the complete website.
  • Sublime text: It is one of the popular text editors available in the market. You can utilize it to edit your code, markup and prose. It’s astonishing features; friendly user interface is something you can go crazy for.
  • Github: This famous open source community can be used to share code and complete assignments together taking help from other users of this tool.
  • CrazyEgg heatmaps: This tool makes a note of the portions of your website which are mostly visited by netizans. This act helps you to analyze the taste of your customers, the advertisements which they are more likely to view so that you can cater to their needs in future.
  • Intuitive color picker: This color picker is a must have tool when it comes to customizing the color of your website. On loading, it fills the entire screen with the color chosen. You can adjust the brightness and the shade to get the exact color you want.

As goes the saying, “A bad workman always blames his tools”. Given the present market competition, there is no place for a bad worker. Moreover, it has no place for your excuses too. So it is better to handpick some of the best tools available in the web world beforehand and start your web designing project.

Posted by admin | December 22, 2014.