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Is your Website among the top 70% Unoptimized Ones?

Do you know that your website could be among those 70% unoptimized ones? Digital studies in Australia show that a large number of government and private websites are not designed for mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, despite the fact that maximum traffic come from them. By not implementing this in your design, you […]

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How to improve User Experience through User Research?

An ideal way to understand your customers’ behavior, motivation and needs is to conduct user research. Explore your users’ interests and what they want out of an online product or service. With extensive researches like these, you can locate the critical design points that help you build one of the most successful digital properties. There […]

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A Complete Guide to SEO Content Management

Whether you are anew to the online world or seeking to make your website a better place, SEO content is a confusing word to commonly come across. However, here is a complete guide to the term and its importance.

The Essential Features of a Smart App

Developing an application for your business is essential to survive in today’s competitive business environments. Since applications are small, pocket friendly versions of a website, they have gained much popularity in recent years. However, here are some essential features your business application must have in order to be set above the rest:

Marketing Your Website on a Budget

Marketing your business website on a budget, especially for a small business owner, is essential in order to survive. While acquaintances and word to word marketing may work for a short while, to turn your business into a brand you will need to focus on building a winning strategy.